Charity - Non Profit

Charities and other non-profit organizations value their data enormously.  Just like any commercial organization, they have contact, financial and operational records to protect.  What makes charities and non-profit organizations different from a commercial business is the extra pressure on expenses and the need to convert every penny earned into useful projects for their causes.

A natural consequence of this is fewer internal staff to provide operational support and smaller discretionary budgets.

What makes a charity similar to a commercial organization is its need to maximize its income and operational efficiency.  It cannot afford to be disrupted by system downtime nor lose income as a result of lost data.

How vulnerable is your data?
Viruses, Hackers and Spyware
Not long ago, computer viruses, hackers and spyware were of interest only to businesses with sensitive data and to IT professionals. Now these items routinely make front page news. Any computer connected to the Internet is exposed to these dangers and the data loss that accompanies them.

Hard Drive and Hardware Failures
Hard drives store more data, are smaller and are cheaper than ever.  But all hard drives will eventually fail.  Hard drives are simply not designed to last forever. Of course, unfortunately, you can never predict when they will fail.
Natural Disasters and Theft
Most of us have insurance to protect our homes from disasters such as fires and floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.  But what's protecting your data?  Anything that can damage your home, can destroy your computer and the information that it stores.   And on top of natural disaster, we live in a world today where terrorism and theft must be considered. 
Human Error
Even if such disasters don't strike and we all hope they don't, we humans aren't perfect either. Most of us have at one point or another accidentally deleted a file or had a file overwritten. 
Backing up is the only way to properly protect your valuable data!
Hopefully you are now convinced of the importance of ensuring that your data is always safe and always available to you. Now, find out why online backup is the easiest, safest and most affordable way to protect your data. SIGN-UP